Save the Date: The Toy Association™ to Unveil 2024 Trends on February 8

toy-association-trends-logoJanuary 2, 2024 | The Toy Association™ will announce the hottest 2024 toy and play trends during its Toy Trends Briefing on February 8, highlighting what’s predicted to push sales growth for the year across multiple categories of playthings. Registration for the press conference is free and open to all.

“In 2024, expect toy aisles to showcase an array of top trends, ranging from toys and games that focus on specific fandoms and infuse playtime with more magic, to playthings that cater to the evolving developmental needs of today’s youth as well as families' diverse purchasing preferences,” said Adrienne Appell, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association.

The February 8 presentation represents the culmination of the trend team's hundreds of long-lead meetings with toy and kids’ entertainment companies to uncover emerging play patterns and preview holiday 2024 product. The presentation will unpack some of the biggest influences on toy and game purchases in the coming months with product examples shared from a wide range of company sizes and types. The team will also share insights gleaned from its work tracking trends in parallel industries that impact the toy space, including social media, tech, fashion, and more. The briefing will conclude with a Q&A.

Presenters include The Toy Association’s Appell; Kristin Morency Goldman, senior director of strategic communications; and Jennifer Lynch, content developer. Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & data strategy at The Toy Association will moderate.

Companies that would like to have their products considered for the presentation and other broadcast opportunities, articles, and media placements throughout the year, are invited to contact The Toy Association’s trends team. Note: Priority will be given to Toy Association member companies.

For any questions or to schedule a virtual meeting with The Toy Association’s trends team, contact Jennifer Lynch.