Our Mission

The Toy Association’s mission is to be a unifying force for members’ creativity, responsibility, and global success, advocating for their needs and championing the benefits of play.

Our MissionThe Toy Association is committed to empowering and serving the toy, play and youth entertainment community by providing advocacy, programs, events, services, and tools that help them deliver safe, fun and developmentally beneficial products to children and families around the world. Our work continually evolves and adapts to drive greater positive impact. In addition, The Association educates families and consumers worldwide on the cognitive, social, emotional, and creative benefits of play.

Developing & Maintaining the Highest Universal Standards

We have a dedicated team leading the industry’s safety initiatives. We fulfill the role of chair in the ongoing review process for the ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standard considered the gold standard in toy safety, emulated around the globe while we educate manufacturers on upholding safety and quality standards across their supply chains.

Supporting Free Trade and Fair Regulatory Representation

We aggressively and productively advocate at the Federal, State, and International levels. We give voice and significance to issues before trade representatives and regulators in the U.S. and in nations around the world. Our global advocacy helps prevent unwarranted legislative or regulatory actions, works to break down barriers to commerce, and ensures fair representation.

Enhancing the Image and Growth of the Toy Industry

We generate content, major feature stories and broadcast segments on the latest toys and trends, and we act as the industry’s voice on vital issues in the news. We work to educate consumers on selecting age- and developmentally appropriate toys and games helps ensure safe and fun play 365 days a year. Like those across our diverse industry, philanthropy plays an integral role in our lives.

Protecting the Rights of Factory Workers

We educate designers, inventors and manufacturers on compliance with ethical manufacturing standards to protect worker health and well-being. We ensure upholding the standards of the Ethical Toy Program for supplier certification, social impact assessment and worker well being and to those of other recognized social compliance organizations or codes of an equivalent or greater standard to Ethical Toy Program.

Championing The Benefits of Play

Through our renowned The Genius of Play program, we are dedicated to promoting the proven benefits of play and providing information, tips, and inspiration to inspire play for kids of all ages. Through its website and social media channels, parents can find facts, useful tips and expert advice on how toys and play can help kids build confidence, creativity, critical thinking and other skills that will serve them throughout their lives.