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Welcoming the Next Generation

The Toy Association’s Student Congress provides students with insight and opportunity into the toy and children’s entertainment industry through networking events, social opportunities, and educational and professional development programs!

From virtual events to live events, participate in opportunities to explore the toy industry as a potential career path. Network with toy professionals; hear directly from experts in various toy-specific fields; participate in creative workshops and see first-hand the end results of bringing a plaything to market.

Undergraduate registration for the event will open in June. All students must be enrolled in a college/university for the 2023 school year and attend the Student Congress activities.

Contact Jackie Retzer to learn more about participating in Student Congress activities.

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The Toy Association’s Student Congress

Toy Design Programs

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

FIT offers the world’s first and foremost accredited bachelor's degree program in Toy Design. Students learn to create safe toys that entertain, educate, and inspire kids, from infants to tweens. In an environment that simulates a toy industry facility—including a high-tech workshop with a professional model-making shop and a product library of toy catalogues, games, stuffed animals, and toys—they study child development and psychology, design and engineering of hard and soft toys, game design, model making, product materials, and safety considerations. Students create three-dimensional renderings using industry-standard computer applications and learn about the business of toys, from manufacturing to branding and promotion.

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Otis College of Art & Design

Toy Design majors at Otis College learn to make the toys of tomorrow. A comprehensive design curriculum includes the major categories of plush, preschool, dolls, action figures, toy vehicles, games, and more. Students take courses in child psychology and development, marketing, engineering, model making, digital design, computer rendering, packaging, and presentation. Students start with analog training in conceptual drawing, sculpting, and prototyping, and progress into digital illustration and graphic representation, model making, and rapid prototyping.

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