Advocacy Letters

The Toy Association regularly comments on critical issues affecting the toy industry. Here is a selection of recent letters sent to various agencies by Association staff.

July 2022 - Comments to India Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change on New E-Waste Rules

July 2022 - Comments to USITC on Economic Impact of Section 232 and 301 Tariffs on U.S. Industries

July 2022 - Downstream Users Coalition Comments to EPA on Proposed Asbestos Reporting Rule

July 2022 - Comments to EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks Regarding Titanium Dioxide

July 2022 - Letter to Biden Administration Regarding ILWU-PMA Contract Negotiations

June 2022 - Toy Association Urges Inclusion of SHOP SAFE & INFORM Acts in China Competition Bill

June 2022 - Toy Association Lauds Passage of Ocean Shipping Reform Act

May 2022 - SBAR Comments on Proposed PFAS Reporting

April 2022 - Letter to Congress on Inclusion of Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

April 2022 - Toy Association Submits Comments to FMC on Regulating Demurrage and Detention Charges

March 2022 - Ad Hoc Downstream Users Coalition Comments to EPA on TSCA Risk Determination

February 2022 - ICPHSO and Multiple Stakeholders Urge CPSC to Continue Interaction and Participation

November 2021 - Comments on Proposed Chile Toy Safety Regulation Revisions

October 2021 - Comments Regarding Foreign Trade Barriers to U.S. Exports for 2022 Reporting (Docket No. USTR- 2021-0016)

July 2021 - Letter to House Committee on Transportation Subcommittee on Shipping Crisis

July 2021 - Letters to Members of Congress on Shipping Crisis

June 2021 - Letter to ANSI on Guidance for Advertising and Marketing Affecting Children

January 2021 - Comments to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Secondary Infringement Liability in E-Commerce

October 2020 - Comments to USTR on Foreign Trade Barriers Impacting Toys

September 2020 - Comments Regarding Proposed UK Cybersecurity Guidelines for Connected Consumer Devices

May 2020 - Comments to The European Commission Regarding Proposed Revisions to Restrictions on Allergenic Substances

April 2020 - Letter to The European Commission on Titanium Dioxide

April 2020 - Letter to Mexico’s Minister of Health on Reopening Toy Manufacturing